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"My Focus IS Only Your Relaxation!" Lilli Ewing, LMT since 2000

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**Sorry, I do not accept or process insurance or claims.*I ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS OR CASH *ONLY.*

Thank you for your visit! I choose to focus my practice on providing YOU with super relaxing massage with a focus on YOUR RELAXATION. **When YOU feel great in your day, you spread that to the world and all you do and start has a great foundation! Great things happen when you start them feeling great! Can't happen otherwise. Try starting something you want to have a good outcome of while you're all stressed. See my point? The world needs your greatness. Start having massage where the focus is just you and your relaxation.  No consent, a reason or permission needed! *ALL persons are welcome at my office who seek constant self improvement. Why do your life while you're sore? Pain relief, stress relief. Therapeutic Relaxation Massage. *It's my niche'!  *My office is professional, clean and private. NO busy waiting room, not a franchise, not a corporation.***Sole Proprietor, *Local Mom, *Athlete and *Actress. FREE  ONstreet parking, EASY I-5 access to and from my office.

RATES: *$75.00/hr...    **$115.00/1& half hr., ***2 hrs./$175.00,  ***Cash or CreditCards *ONLY*. ***OPEN DAILY***Text any day/time to schedule. Open Daily, *By Appointment*, *Text for an opening today! THANK YOU! 

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